Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Song Of The Month - June '14

June is over, Alt-J released a single with a Miley Cyrus-Sample, Lana Del Rey released a new album, the FIFA World Cup started - but I don’t care. Now there’s only one thing, only one thing on my mind.

Felt Tip’s song “Simple Things”. I probably wouldn’t have discovered it on my own, but thanks to some almost-hipster-guy this cool little gem became a part of my life.
When I first googled the band's name, all I got were pictures of felt tips. Pretty soon I realized that this were not the band members and so I added some more catchwords to my research. And then I found what I was looking for.

The intro/outro are pretty much the same – James Tyler sings with a slightly melancholic voice and there is a guitar softly playing in the background. Then – bam – the guitar wakes up, percussion and bass join the party, the rhythm accelerates and the song gets even cooler. Or hotter. I can’t decide.
Every now and then everything slows a little bit down, but only to create a tension and once again you find yourself jerking to the music. Or twerking. Or however you move to a song.
The videos all have a gloomy atmosphere. In “Simple Things” the singer reminds me of a zombie-vampire, but a stylish and cool one.

All en masse (ouh, j'écris en francais) this song doesn’t get boring, it does even compete with Glass Animals’ “Exxus” on my personal “most-played-in-a-row-song” –list. And I really want to hear this song live, in real life, not just on YouTube.

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